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Coolest Halloween Ideas for Homemade Invitations

Spooky and Old Halloween Invitations

Get some normal white paper then make one cup of hot water and add one teaspoon of coffee and two tablespoons of herbal tea. Let it sit for a little bet and then pour into a pan. Then soak paper for up to one hour (depending on how dark you want it to be). Take out and let dry. Then get a candle and very very carefully burn the edges to create more of an old look. Finally take a wax seal and seal it! Voila! A perfectly old and spooky Halloween invitation.

Scroll in a Coffin Halloween Party Invitation Idea

For the last couple of years a group of us throws a witches’ brew party. It is adult females only and last year we made these awesome invitations. We went to a party supply store and bought small coffin favor boxes. We put them together and cut purple tissue paper to line the boxes like a real coffin. We bought parchment paper from the craft store and downloaded a creepy font. I came up with a spooky poem that included all of the party info (I will add the poem at the bottom). I made two columns in Word and printed the poem in two long columns (Use black ink because the red runs).

We cut the papers in two long strips and then brewed a pot of strong tea. We used sponges to soak the parchment paper which made it look really old and also allowed us to use a ruler to tear the edges of the paper off. Then we laid the invitations on cardboard and let them dry. They looked really old and tattered when they dried so we rolled them up and made wax seals to close the invitations. Then put them in the coffins and hand delivered them. It really got everyone excited for our party!

Hope this helps, here’s the poem:

The eight head witches of the tipsy cauldron do cordially invite you to the second annual witches brew.

The wind is whispering a haunted tune
Our evening of mischief approaches soon
So dig up your broomsticks and tall pointy hats
Pull out your cobwebs and dusty old bats
This year we have stirred up new wicked delights
So fly to witch linda’s by the moon’s yellow light
Come on your own or bring a partner in crime
Either way the night holds a devilish good time
Our rules are quite simple so please have no fears
Witches only, aged to perfection, (at least twenty one years)!
The cost is ten dollars for each witch who will come
By october the twelfth our list must be done
So pull out your spellbooks and your checkbooks too
And send in your card so we’ll be expecting you!

Fright Picture Invites or Thank You Notes

For invitations or thank you notes, you can make Fright Pictures. Lay a white sheet on the floor. It’ll serve as the background for the pictures. Have each kid lie down with their hair standing straight up and photograph from above. Obviously, the longer the hair, the better the pictures. Send them out as thank you cards.

Witch`s Brew Invites for a Halloween Party

You’ll need:

  • marbled brown construction paper
  • Green construction paper
  • thin tipped black pen
  • Green drink mix
  • Glue stick
  • stapler

First, cut the brown construction paper into witch`s cauldron shapes, two for each invite. Glue 2 cauldrons together at three sides to make envelopes. Cut thin ovals from the green paper, and glue them to the tops of the cauldron as “potions”. Write the info (date, time, place, etc.) for the party on the front of each cauldron in swirly writing. Place the cauldrons aside. Using the rest of the brown paper, cut out small rectangles, two for each invite. Glue two pieces together at three sides to make envelopes. Put a bit of the drink mix into each envelope and staple up the tops. Write the instructions for the drink on the fronts of the envelopes, also write that it`s a “witch’s brew drink”. Place the envelopes inside the cauldrons, and voila!

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