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Coolest Valentines Ideas, Printables, & Lots More

Check out these lovable Valentines ideas!

On this page you’ll find Valentine party ideas, romantic ideas, Valentine printables, free Valentine fonts you can download, famous love quotes and poems, Valentine cake ideas, and more interesting information on Valentine’s Day.


Valentine Day Party Ideas

If you’re planning a Valentine’s Day party, start off by getting your invitations ready. Here are some great Valentines ideas for what you can write on them:

  • All you need is Love! Come be our guest as we celebrate Valentine’s Day together!
  • Will you be our Valentine? We’ve been bitten by the love bug, join us for our Valentine’s Day celebration!
  • It’s that special time of year, when Valentine’s is drawing near. Appetizers and cocktails we’d like to share, because love is floating in the air
  • Just because we’re single, doesn’t mean we can’t mix and mingle! Please join us for a Valentine’s Day party!

For the festivity, you can ask people to come dressed in reds, pinks and whites.

You’ll want to decorate your party area. Could be nice to draw colorful hearts with chalk on your walkway. Check out these Valentines Day graphics, you can hang around your house/party area or use them on your Valentine cards, boxes, etc:

Click on the following link for more Valentine’s Day Graphics and Printables.

The main colors you would want to use for Valentine’s Day decorations would be reds, pinks, and whites. This includes lots of balloons and streamers in this color scheme. Put heart-printed tablecovers on your tables, red/pink plates and utensils, small hearts under each cup, roll the napkins and tie with decorative ribbon, and add a special rose on each plate. It’s also nice to add any suitable centerpiece for the table, could be a teddy bear with a heart, pots with roses, candies, lollipops, etc. For that extra touch, put little jars with candles on tables and all around the party area (you could also use LED candles if you don’t want to have fire around).

Check out these free printable Heart graphics you can use as decorations, stencils, or any other Valentine’s Day endeavor!

Valentines Ideas for Party Food

  • Fruits out of wine glasses (or in a watermelon basket where you can cut the watermelon with heart, star, diamond, etc. shaped cookie cutters)
  • Strawberries dipped in white and dark chocolate.
  • Cream cheese and strawberry jam sandwiches (you can cut these with star, heart, diamond etc. shaped cookie cutters)
  • Jewel Salad (a salad with dried cranberries, golden raisins, cherries etc.)
  • All kinds of breads and a platter of meats or cheeses (use heart cookie cutters)
  • Heart-shaped rice crispy treats
  • Red rubies (strawberries, cranberries and cherries)
  • White and Pink marshmallows
  • Jello Shapes: You can get pink or red-colored Jello, follow the recipe on the box, and once it’s ready – use a star-shaped, heart-shaped, and/or diamond-shaped cookie cutter to cut out nice shapes fit for Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Party Cake Ideas

Instead of a store bought cake, you might want to create your own homemade Valentine’s Day cake. We have a full section of homemade Valentine’s Day cakes loaded with step-by-step recipes and Valentines ideas to help you surprise a loved one:

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Valentines Ideas for Party Drinks

  • Sparkling wine. It could be lovely to pour the wine in glass bottles with little signs hanging saying “Love Potion” and “Drink Me”.
  • Strawberry milkshake
  • Valentine’s Day pink lemonade or punch (raspberry sherbet and Sprite)
  • Would be lovely to put pomegranate juice in heart-shaped ice cube trays!
  • Use red licorice as straws for drinks!

Sometimes it’s easier to have a buffet out – so assign a table, decorate and put all the food and drinks on the buffet table.

If there are kids at the party, here are some great Valentines Day pictures to color in! Just print out, put on a table full of coloring pencils, crayons, markers etc. and have fun :-)

See All Valentine’s Day Coloring Pages

Here are some Valentines ideas and activities for your party:

* How Much Love is in the Jar: Put lots of candy hearts in a jar (count them before you close the lid), and ask your guests to guess how many hearts are in the jar. The closest one to guess correctly – gets the jar as a gift to take home. You could also call this “How many Kisses in the Jar?” and fill the jar with Hershey kisses.

* Minute-to-Win-it Heart-a-Stack: Guests have 60 seconds to stack as many conversation candy hearts on top of eachother. When the minute is over, whoever has the highest stack wins!

* Valentine Hearts: This is a great activity for kids, just print out lots of hearts on red construction paper and hide them all over the house. Tell the kids they need to look for as many hearts as they can. The kid who finds the most hearts wins a small prize.

Remember to set the mood with romantic and/or jazzy love tunes!


Flower Delivery for Valentines Day

Sending flowers is always a great way to say “I love you”. It is always so surprising to get a bouquet of your favorite flowers, click on the following link if you really want to send amazing flowers to your loved one!

Famous Love Quotes

There are tons of famous love quotes that will help you word your Valentine’s Day card with that extra touch.

  • “Love is composed of a single soul inhabiting two bodies.” – Aristotle
  • “A day without love is a day without life.” – George Van Valkenburg
  • “True love doesn’t consist of holding hands, it consists of holding hearts.” – O A Battista

Check out this full Valentines ideas Love Quotes page, filled with famous love quotes that will inspire you.


Valentine’s Day Romantic Ideas

Looking for romantic ideas to do with your loved one on Valentine’s day? Check out this page full of Romantic Valentines Ideas that will inspire you and your loved one! Here are some great printable valentine boxes you can use to put chocolate and/or candy inside and give as a small gift to a loved one:

Click on the following link for more printable Valentine Boxes.


Short Love Poems

“I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice,
And the way that we touch,

I love your warm smile,
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring,
To my life everyday”

We’ve created this great page full of Free and Short Love Poems that you can use when writing to a loved one on Valentine’s Day.


100% Free Valentines Fonts

One of the most important Valentines ideas is to write a personal card or note portraying your love for someone. Pump it up by using the following 18 lovely Valentine fonts which are completely, 100% free to use:


Valentine Day Facts

Did you know?: “Love Birds” derives from the belief that birds chose their mates on Feb. 14. Some believe this fact is one of the origins of the Valentine’s Day Holiday.

There are tons of interesting Valentine’s Day facts that will surprise you, check them all out by going to our Valentine’s Day Facts Page.


Valentines Jokes

Q: What did the light bulb say to the switch?
A: You turn me on.

If you want that funny-touch on Valentine’s day, don’t miss out on this whole page full of cute and funny Valentine’s Day Jokes.


Valentines Day Traditions

Did you know?: There are two different dates for Valentines Day in Japan- February 14th and March 14th. Ladies buy chocolate for men in Feb. and men return the favor in March!

All over the world there are all kinds of different love traditions, check out our Valentine’s Day Traditions page to learn more about what people in other countries do on Valentine’s Day (you’ll also learn how to say “I Love You” in 64 languages!).

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