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Valentines Day Romantic Ideas

Great Valentines Day romantic ideas to help you show how much you love that special someone!:

* Leave a little note in a place your loved one will be surprised (in their bag/briefcase, inside a cupboard, or any other place you know will be seen that day).

* Offer giving a massage and/or foot rub! Set the mood by dimming the lights, using nice smelling essential oils, and make a comfortable spot for the massage.

* Almost every holiday, especially Valentine’s Day dates, surround eating. You could: 1) Take your loved one to a special restaurant you both like or have been meaning to go to. 2) Cook a surprise meal, it could be something simple – but make sure to light candles and set the mood. You could also surprise with breakfast in bed. 3) Go for a nice picnic at a nice park, out in nature, the beach, etc. – you can either cook on your own or order take out.

* Even just a small gift will fill your loved one with joy. You could bring flowers, a small little stuffed animal, and a little box of yummy chocolates! The following printable Valentine Boxes are great for putting little chocolates in or a little present. Just print out, cut around and fold!

Click on the following link for more printable Valentine Boxes.
* Keep it simple and stay home to cuddle! You could cook together a tasty meal while listening to romantic music, play a fun childhood game, take a warm bath together, and then cuddle while watching a movie with homemade popcorn.

* One of those great Valentines Day romantic ideas is to buy a dozen roses, choose 11 in one color, and one in another color (for example 11 white roses and 1 red rose). Then attach a note to the 1 red rose saying “In every bunch there’s one who stands out, you’re the one!”

* Go out somewhere or do something you’ve never done before, check out these Valentines Day romantic ideas –

  • A hot air balloon ride
  • Tickets to a show/concert
  • A night or two at a special and romantic location
  • Go to an amusement park together
  • Go dancing at a club with music you both like
  • A museum or gallery show
  • Out to the movie matinee, theater show or opera
  • A nice walk on the beach
  • A vineyard tour and wine-tasting
  • Driving out to a pick-your-own farm and have fun fruit-picking
  • Ride your bikes together in nature or at a nice park
  • Go roller or ice-skating together
  • Take a boat trip
  • Head to the spa or go out and do a loveable sport together
  • Stargaze together! (you’ll need to go to an area with very hardly an light, most likely close to nature. Don’t forget to download the Nighty Sky application on your phone or print out a star map so that you’ll know what your gazing at).


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