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Coolest Halloween Decorating Ideas

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Halloween Specimen Jars

Decorate the shelves in your house or the party area with specimen jars, old clear glass bottles and jars filled with odd or creepy looking things.

Label the jars with the names of potion ingredients, such as: Beetle Eyes (pepper balls, black beads or poppy seeds), Eyes of Blind Dogs (cocktail onions), Bloodworms (cooked spaghetti in water dyed with red food coloring), Owl Liver (chopped canned mushrooms), Gecko Skin (pickled ginger), Pig Pituitary (capers), Fingers (Vienna sausages), Brains (shredded red cabbage or sour kraut).

These jars are fun to make and probably the most popular Halloween decorating ideas. For added fun, you can leave the labels blank on a few of the jars and have the guests make them up.

Halloween Luminaries

Luminaries are great to put on your porch, around the house, or leading to the front door. Draw out a Halloween design or face on a brown or orange paper bag and cut out the design. Stand the paper bag up, fill with sand, and place a tea light in the bottom of the bag, secure in the sand and light.

Spooky Halloween Window Shadows

For a spooky window shadow, and one of the easiest-to-make Halloween decorating ideas, cut out a large piece of white tissue paper, poster board or even white garbage bag. Make sure it fits the window perfectly.

Take black construction paper and sketch out a witch, ghost, mummy, etc. Cut the figure out and glue or tape it to the center of the white paper. Hang in the window, so the black cutout is against the window glass, facing outdoors. Turn a lamp on near the window.

From the outside of the house, it’ll look like there’s a creepy shadow in the window.

Hanging Spiders

More cool Halloween decorating ideas can include making big spiders and hanging them from your ceiling. Take big black balloons and inflate them for the bodies of the spiders. Add 8 black pipe cleaners or black streamers (4 on each side) for the legs. Then with whiteout, white tempera paint or cutout and taped white circled construction paper to create the eyes (adding two black dots in each for the pupils).

Haunted Dolls

Go to you local goodwill, pick up at least 10 doll babies (blinky eyed ones are the creepiest) pick the spookiest tree and hang them scattered like at different heights and set up a strobe light behind the tree, it works really well if you also wanna do a “grave yard” in front of the tree i did a CD player with a spooky laugh/cackling goin on in the back ground….HAPPY HALLOWEEN

Wet Webbing

Just before it goes dark hang some thick cotton around your front garden leading up to your front door (hang it as so that it’s really really thin, like a spider’s web). Just before you expect trick or treaters or guests, spray the cotton with water, and as they walk up the path they will feel it brush against them but it will be too thin to see, perfect for that pre-knock chill!

Quija Board Decorating Tray

Cut a piece of plexiglass to the size of your ouija board. Makes an unusual and fun tray for serving halloween treats!!

Spooky Dolls

To decorate an adult scary party, buy very cheap toy dolls and plant them around the house. Sit them on a bed with their arms outstretched like a zombie. You can draw on their faces with markers to make them look more spooky and putting fake blood around the mouth and on the clothes is quite effective. you can also take the arms and legs off to float in your punch bowl.

Halloween “Boo-Shes”

Here’s one of the best Halloween decorating ideas for decorating your yard. Transform your bushes into “boo-shes”! Paint a ghost on the lower half of a white sheet and cover with it an entire bush. Connect the sheet to the boosh with clothespins or string.

Halloween Tree

To make a cool Halloween tree, select an appropriate tree, cut out lots of different-sized bats from black paper, make mini tissue paper ghosts, and hang with clear thread from the branches. Drape the tree with Christmas lights, and spread spider webs. The Halloween tree can also serve as a great backdrop for a colorful pumpkin display. Also cut spooky looking eyes and hang them all around the party area.


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