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Coolest Free Love Poems for Valentine’s Day

The following free love poems were gathered just for you from all kinds of Anonymous submitters. We hope they give you inspiration for the most lovable Valentine’s Day ever!


I Love All of You

I love your soft kisses.
I love your soft touch.
I love the way you bite your lip.
I love you soooooo much.

I love the way you look at me.
I love the way you smile.
I love the way you’re shy sometimes,
Every once and a while.

I love it when you look at me,
When I’m not looking at you.
You think I do not realize it,
But really…I do.

I love the way you cuddle.
I love the way you sleep.
I love the way you rub your neck,
when you are thinking so deep.

I love all of you,
Your nose, your lips, your hair, your feet.
I will never stop loving you.
You are so amazingly sweet.

I love that I love you.
I have loved you from the very start.
I now hand you the key to my heart.



All The Love

All the love that history knows,
is said to be in every rose.
Yet all that could be found in two,
is less than what I feel for you.



From a Secret Admirer

Whose gift this is you cannot know.
My heart is in your keeping though.
You will not mind my writing here
To tell you that I love you so.

I know that you must think it queer
For me to love and not come near
But linger by some frozen lake
This most romantic time of year.

I sometimes give my head a shake
And ask if there is some mistake.
It’s lonely out here ‘mid the sweep
Of bitter wind and icy flake.

My love for you is dark and deep,
But it’s a promise I will keep
As from afar I watch and weep,
As from afar I watch and weep.


Have You Ever

Have you ever been around someone
and just couldn’t think?

Have you ever been around someone
lips, soft as a rose’s pink?

Have you ever been around someone
heart as vast as the open sea?

Have you ever been around someone
together forever you wish to be?

Have you ever been around someone
into their eyes you gaze?

Have you ever been around someone
piercing the soul like the sun’s rays?

Have you ever been around someone
and chose to run and hide?

Have you ever been around someone
scared of what feelings are inside?

Have you ever………




What is it about you sweetheart,
That touches my heart so deeply?
Could it be the touch of your soft sweet lips,
As they ride up my neck to greet me?

Maybe its in the way you smile at me,
As you brush back your beautiful hair.
Perhaps its the joy you give me,
When you let me know how much you care.

I wonder if its the passion I see,
Burning deep within your eyes.
The sounds I hear while kissing you,
Like your heavy breaths and sighs.

My precious, your love consumes me,
You are my every thought.
You fill my dreams with fantasy,
That will always be lovingly sought.

The ember of hope we now share my dear,
Is a wonderful, fresh spring rain.
The growth it brings and its beauty,
Is oft times laden with pain.

You are such a precious flower to me,
Full of tenderness, beauty and charm.
I long to wrap you up tightly,
Within my strong yet loving arms.

There will come a day soon, my love,
When youll see the passion within me.
Im trusting that you will hold on tight,
And never want to release me.

Words commonly use could never describe,
Whats contained within my heart.
Limitations of language barely show a glimpse,
Not even a miniscule part.



A Love Like No Other

I never felt a love
Like this before
It’s a love like no other
Something I have always hoped for

A love with friendship
Humor and heart
A bond so strong
It would never part

A love that makes you smile
From ear to ear
A love that is joyful
Without any fear

A love that is beautiful
From the inside out
A love with no tears,
Pain, or doubt

A love with soul
So tender and true
A love that I have found
Only in you…


I Love You So Much

I love you like the sun in the sky
Or maybe how a bird is destined to fly
Even more than a mother loves her child
Or all the animals running in the wild

A petal to a rose
And everyone knows
It’s more that just love
Soaring around like a white turtledove

Tears for joy and tears for pain
It’s like standing out in the hot summer rain
It’s more than the sound of your sweet gentle name
More than a predator loves its game

Words can’t sum up the way that I feel
But I’ll definitely say
These feelings are real
And as Sent from above
I’m here to give you my undying love

So in closing my dear
I pray I’ve made it rather clear
You mean everything to me
My sweet heart can’t you see
I can’t get enough of your endless touch
Oh my sweet baby, I love you so much!



I Am Your Moon

I am your moon, radiant with love and passion,
Caring and knowledge.

You are my star, shining and wild, mysterious and playful,
Singer of ancient songs.

We will sing together, walk together,
Lay together in the mist-covered hills.

Together we can walk the earth, fly the skies,
Touch the heavens.

As one we live, united yet unique.
As one made greater even than the two,

Moon and Star, shine bright together.
Two as one, their lights entwined forever.



Knight in Shining Armor

In this world full of hurt and pain,
I need someone who would help me through the rain.
To comfort me when I’m sad,
Doing everything just to make me glad.

In this world I need a Brave Knight,
Who would never give up any fight.
A knight who would dry away my tears,
Telling me to overcome my fears.

A knight who loves me for who I am inside,
With him there’s nothing more I need to hide.
A person who will still be standing strong,
Even though everything has gone wrong.

I need someone who is willing to give me more,
Someone I can call my Knight In Shining Armor.



Watch The Sunset

I want to watch the sunset
I want to see it in your eyes
I want to feel it in your body
An erotic passion in disguise

I want to hear the waves
Crash angry on the shore
I want to feel your hands explore me
While all around us the water pours.

I want to feel the sand between my fingers
Smell the salt in the air
I want to feel your tongue go through me
Secret places if you dare!

I want to feel the heat
Of a restless summer night
I want to kiss you softly
Beneath the pale moonlight

I want to meet the stars
That lie hidden in the depth
Baby will you take me
To watch the sunset?


Together Forever

Together forever
down life’s long road
through hills and mountains
valleys and seas
we’ll cross any obstacle
united we’ll be.
The love that we have
is patient and kind
a love that will last
for all of time.
Together now as husband and wife
hand in hand
for the rest of our life.



I Love

I love you so deeply,
I love you so much,
I love the sound of your voice,
And the way that we touch,

I love your warm smile,
And your kind, thoughtful way,
The joy that you bring,
To my life everyday,

I love you today,
As I have from the start,
And I’ll love you forever,
With all of my heart.


Soul Mates

True love only happens
once in your life,
and when I found you,
I know I found mine.
You are my soul mate,
God made your heart for mine.
When he brought the two of us together,
He only had love in mind.
Every day we spend together,
every moment we’re in love,
every time our lips touch,
I know that God had a plan,
for just the two of us.

To Love, To Cherish, To Be…

As I gaze into your
beautiful brown eyes,
and into your sensual soul,
I drown into your essence,
your being,
with fulfillment and love

What words cannot say
my heart pulsates.

What words cannot mean
my lips treble to meet yours.

What words cannot do
my soul endeavors

to love
to cherish
to be…



Closer to Me

Come closer to me, my love.
I want your heart next to mine.
Hold me close in a warm embrace,
While our two nude bodies entwine.

You caress my body with your fingertips,
Then slowly your lips meet mine.
I can feel those exotic feelings,
They feel oh, so simply divine.

Come closer to me, my dear.
I have so much love to give.
I want to keep sharing it with you,
As long as we both shall live.



I Love You

Love used to be at the back of my mind.
Dead and lifeless like the sun with no shine.
Then you came along and showed me love is beautiful.
You brought me to life, so strong and spiritual.

The day that I saw you, my heart melted.
It was true love, because I felt it.
You changed my life in so many ways.
Some of them I can’t even explain.

When I think of you, the world just leaves.
From my mind and from my dreams.
I see someone that is caring and full of heart.
Someone daring, someone special, someone to share my heart.

I made this poem only for you.
To think of me when you’re feeling blue.
I Love You!



I Want

I want to go to the ocean
And climb the highest dune.

I want you to undress me
Beneath the summer moon

I want to stand under the stars
Held tight in your embrace

I want to drink in your lust
As you remove my gown of red lace.

I want to surrender my body
To your every need and desire.

I want to be a willing victim.
Of your burning, passionate fire.

I want to taste the kisses
From your soft and tender lips.

I want to feel the shivers
From the touch of your fingertips.

I want to lie beneath you
And feel the heat from your skin.

I want you to lift my soul
To heights it’s never been.

I want to be left breathless
Begging and pleading for more.

I want to spiral into ecstasy
As you rock me to the core.

I want to spend the night
In an erotic wonderland.

I want to greet the morning new
Making love to you in the sand.



You Are The One

You are the one I so adore,
our love, romance, passion, amour;

You are the one who shows me charm,
embraces me in your loving arms;

You are the one who reads to me,
in fun, serious, poetry;

You are the one I love to kiss,
in morning, night, and daytime bliss;

You are the one that I cherish,
without your love I would perish;

You are the one who shares the light,
soul-mate, bonded, all day, all night;

You are the one, the one you are,
my children’s dad, my shinning star.




Never Say I love you
If you really don’t care
Never talk about feelings
If they really aren’t there
Never hold my hand
If you’re going to break my heart
Never say, “I’m going to…”
If you don’t plan to start
Never look into my eyes
If all you say are lies
Never say hello
When you really mean goodbye
If you truly mean forever
Then Promise me you’ll try
Never say forever
In the end I’ll only cry



Together As One

A warm breeze blows into the bedroom window,
The moon is pouring over us in a silver wave.
Aching I watch it’s flowing gentle movement,
rippling slowly over your pale smooth skin

The beauty of your glowing body beckons me,
to touch, to taste, to love it’s graceful expanse,
From your forehead to toes, fingers to nose
How I hunger to know you so completely

To gladly find all the wondrous places
That bring you such sweet pleasure.
Forging bonds that tie your heart to mine,
Two hearts beating wildly together as one.



Let Me

My heart beats for just you my love
hear it calling to you in the night
to fill your heart with pure delight
a sweet song of joy sent from above.

Let me take you in my arms tonight
hold you close and dance so slow
we move together in the candlelight
I whisper words of love to let you know.

You mean more than the world to me
This is what we’ve been waiting for
a time of healing love and joy so sweet
a place where we can be as complete.

Let me hold you into my arms tonight
press you close and dance so slow
we move together in the pale moonlight
I belong with you love I’ll never let you go.



Wish Come True

When I went to bed last night,
I made a wish for you.
I closed my eyes and tried real hard,
To make my wish come true.

All night I dreamt of nothing else,
Than your sweet smiling face.
Once again I was with you,
In your warm, strong, embrace.

When I awoke, and looked around,
You were still not here.
I spent another lonely day,
Without you anywhere near.

And when I go to bed tonight,
I’ll make a wish for you.
I’ll close my eyes, try real hard,
And hope you’re wishing too.

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