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Coolest Christmas Party Activities

Here are some cool Christmas party activities and games that’ll help make your party an unforgettable affair!

If you’ve got any cool ideas of Christmas games to add, take a moment and submit them below. You’ll be taking part in creating the Web’s ultimate Christmas party ideas resource that’s ALWAYS FREE for everyone to enjoy!

Obstacle Race to the Pole

This can be a timed obstacle course for each child, or a relay race for two teams (depending on the amount of time you want to spend). 1. Klondike: Unravel a mess of yarn and wrap up in a coil, take it with you and continue to. 2. Labrador: Fish out a plastic boat from a tub of water using a small pole, line and hook. Take the boat and continue to. 3. Greenland: Dress in boots or large shoes and a heavy jacket and continue to. 4. Arctic Circle: Draw a circle with a compass and run to the North Pole (finish line).

Hot Snowball

If you have snow, make a snowball or two ahead of time and freeze them till they are very hard. If you don’t have snow, you can freeze water in a white balloon (this will also keep the children from getting wet as the ice melts). Have the children put on their mittens. Put on some music and start playing hot Snowball. “The hot snowball goes round and round. To pass it quickly, you are bound. If you’re the one to hold it last. The game for you has quickly passed. Out goes Y-O-U!” The children sit out the rest of that round. The thing the kids seem to love about this is that they get to wear their mittens.

Pin the Red Nose on Rudolph

This is a classic game, similar to pin the tail on the donkey. Another Christmas variation can be pin the star to the top of the tree, pin the beard on Santa, put the nose on the snowman, etc.

Marshmallow Snowball Toss

Pair up the kids. Give each pair 10 marshmallows (5 each). Have them stand a few feet from each other. Each kid tries to toss the marshmallows into his teammate’s mouth. The team that catches the most wins.

Snowman Bowling

Make six snowmen out of tag board. Secure each one to a two-liter bottle that is weighted with a very small amount of sand or water. Glue the lids on the bottles. Use a white ball as a “snowball” to knock the snowman pins over. The children can take turns re-setting the pins and rolling the snowball.

Snowball Hockey

You’ll need a cotton ball and the kitchen table. Form two teams and have the kids hold hands on either side of the table. The teams can only use their breath (no hands or arms or feet etc.) to keep the cotton ball on the table at their end. The object of the game is to blow the cotton ball off the opponent’s side of the table thus scoring a goal. The table can be officially marked with a piece of tape.

Ice Magic

Suspend an ice cube in a glass of water. Have the children take a piece of string, lay it across the ice and try to pick up the ice with the string. They won’t be able to do this. Tell them to lay the piece of string on the ice again and have them sprinkle a pinch of salt over the string. Count to 10 and lift the string. Magic… it sticks! Be prepared that they’ll want to do it over and over again.

The Siamese Twin Gift-Wrapping Race

For this game you’ll need to have a box, wrapping paper, scissors and tape for each team. Divide your group into teams made up of two people. The two people of each team will need to stand side by side with one hand free and the other around the waist of their team member (as if they were one person with two hands- a left hand and a right hand). The object of the game is to see which Siamese Twin team can wrap their present (correctly) in the smallest amount of time. You or a few other people can be the judges – first to make sure that they have wrapped correctly and nicely, and second to time them for the fastest Siamese Twin gift wrappers.

Wrap/Open the Present Race

The wrapping present game is best for teens… the opening present game is best for younger kids. With the wrapping game, each person has to wrap a present with thick mittens, a scarf and hat on (the fastest to do this will is the winner). A variation of this is to tie one of the person’s hands behind their back with ribbon and see who can wrap their present the fastest using only one hand. The opening present game is a race to see who can open the most gifts while wearing thick mittens, a scarf and hat. This is a race to see who can open the most gifts – while wearing gloves, scarf and hat.

Outdoor Snowball Fight (with no snow)

You’ll need to prepare the snowballs ahead of time. Take pantyhose, preferably white, and cut into sections. Tie one end of it and fill with flour, then tie the other end, there you have your snowball! Have two “bases” set up on separate ends of the yard, have the snowballs in a bucket or container and let the kids fire away. Warning: This does get very messy but the kids will play forever.

Wrap the Snowman

Played the same way as wrap the mummy but with the name a bit different. Two teams wrap one player up with toilet paper until nothing is showing.

Sock Guess

For this game you need thick thermal socks. Put all kinds of objects into the socks (ornaments, a candy cane, holly, pinecones, bells, etc.) – best if you put around 20 different items in the sock. Then tie a rope or ribbon around the top of the sock (so that no one can see what’s inside). Pass the sock around and give each person a small amount of time to feel the sock and make their guesses to what’s inside the sock (give them paper and pen to write down their guesses). It would be best if you take two socks and put identical items in each so that more than one person can feel the sock and make their guesses (this will make the game go a bit faster). The people that make the most correct guesses are the winners.

Snowball Relay

Divide the kids into two teams. Give each kid a plastic straw and prepare a small box for each team’s snowballs (cotton balls). Place a large box full of cotton balls about 8 to 10 feet in front of the kids. On the signal “Go”, have the first two players run to the box of cotton balls and by drawing air through the straw, pick up a cotton ball and take it back to the team box. When the cotton ball is released into the team box, the next player goes. If a player drops the cotton ball while returning to the team box, he must pick it up with his straw (no hands), then continue to the team box. The first team to finish wins. Another variation is to have the kids blow the cotton ball to a specified point and then suck it up and return to the starting line.

Blizzard Christmas Party Activities

You’ll need a long area with no furniture in the way. The two ends of this area will be the goals. The kids are divided into sides. A white balloon is placed in the middle and each player is given something that can be used as a fan. The object is to blow the ball to the opposite goal to score a point. The kids can also blow with their mouths, fan with their hands, but can’t touch the balloon at all. Decide how many goals or time to end.

Freeze Skating

Give each guest two pieces of wax paper or two paper plates to use as skates. You can prepare a skating rink from clear plastic spread on the floor. Play music in the background and have the kids skate. When you stop the music, the kids must freeze. You can also have them partner skate. Another idea the kids love is to spread shaving cream on the plastic and let them barefoot skate. They love the idea of taking their shoes and socks off! It’s easy to clean and fun for all ages!

Snowball Pickup

Blindfold the kids, designate a time limit, and have them pick up cotton balls strewn across the floor, and put them in a bag.

Christmas Gift Maze

Give each player a pencil that is tied to the yarn (explain that a gift is tied to the end of the yarn). On the mark of “Go”, each player has to find their gift by following the yarn while winding it around the pencil. They each will get a prize at the end, but the winner is the one that gets to their prize first.

Penguin Race

Divide the kids into two teams. Have players at the start of the line put a ball between their knees and waddle to a designated spot and back. The next in line does the same until all kids have had their turn. If the ball is dropped, they must return to start and begin waddling again. The team that finishes first wins.

Polar Bear, Polar Bear, Penguin

Play this just like Duck, Duck, Goose only change the words. Players must waddle like penguins around the circle until they reach the empty spot and sit down.

Christmas Caroling

A very fun way for getting everyone and especially the kids into the Christmas spirit is Christmas Caroling. You can even go around the neighborhood or in a park and sing. Here are loads of lyrics to of the most popular carols to print out and give to each caroler.

Christmas Carol Group Game

Divide your group into two teams (try to keep it even between them). Let them draw out of a hat or rock/paper/scissors to see which team begins. One person from the first team is chosen. They get a piece of paper with the name of known Christmas Carol on it. They can’t show this to anyone – and just like in Charades or Pictionary they need to either act out (no words or sound) the name of the Christmas Carol or on an erase-board/chalkboard/butcher-paper on the wall – they need to draw out so that the team has to guess what Christmas Carol it is.

As soon as the team knows the song, they need to sing the Christmas Carol as loud as they can. Make sure to time them. Write down the time it took them as a group to figure out the Christmas Carol. The second team does the same (time them as well). Do this with 5 different songs for each and then add up their times. The group that has the smallest amount of time is the winner!

Melt the Ice Cube

Give each kid an ice cube. The object is to melt the ice cube first without putting it in their mouths. They can breathe on it, sit on it, hold it in their hands etc. (Have towels ready for the cold wet hands.)

Favorite Christmas Carol Singing

If you have a large group, choose a few at a time to participate. Tell the ones you’ve chosen to think of their favorite Christmas song. On the count of three, everyone sings their own song (all at the same time!). If someone messes up, they have to stop singing. The one who is still singing at the end of the game (and hasn’t messed up) is the winner.


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