Coolest Ideas for Halloween Crafts

There are lots of great Halloween crafts you can incorporate into your Halloween party. The crafts are most often for the kids, but grown-ups enjoy them just the same. Many of the ideas here have been submitted by visitors like yourself. If you’ve got any cool ideas to add, take a moment and submit them … Read more

Coolest Halloween Game Ideas

Blindfolded Zombie Tag Halloween Game Whoevers “it” has to be bilndfolded and pretend to be a zombie… then have other kids walk around freely and the zombie has to catch 2 children (: Get the Wolfs Treasure Halloween Party Game You need: Some Halloween themed sweets, a wolf mask and claws, a small pot, a … Read more

Coolest Halloween Food Ideas

Lady Fingers Halloween Food Treat Take a Latex or any kind of plastic glove make sure it is clean on the inside… insert one piece of candy corn down each of the fingers of each glove… then fill with popcorn and tie off the top… looks like a hand with finger nails Werewolf Cupcakes Make … Read more